Superior Formulations LLC

This isn't your grandfather's dilution system


The CONSTITUTER is an Internet-connected computer-controlled standalone robotic platform that automatically hydrates Superior Formulations' OVERCOAT™ line of dry anti-tack powders. The CONSTITUTER makes concentrated OVERCOAT slurry right on your plant floor where you use it.

But that's just the beginning.

The CONSTITUTER actually manages the solids level in your dip tank. OVERCOAT concentrate and water are automatically added as needed to maintain the precise solids level you desire in your dip tank. And fault detection, low product inventory levels, and CONSTITUTER performance monitoring are fully automatic via the Internet connection to the Superior Formulations servers.


Some of the performance advantages are:

View the CONSTITUTER Information Sheet in a new tab. Please contact us to learn more.

Please note: This equipment is free of charge for use with our OVERCOAT line of slab dips. It is not for sale.